30 January 2020 

School of Economics and Management, University of Porto (FEP) 

Over the last decades, globalization has been hand-in-hand with increasing inter-personal, but also inter-regional economic disparities. In this vein, a renewed attention has been paid to the territorial dimensions of economic development. Yet, the notion of territory is more challenging than it may look at first glance: more than a Euclidean distance, an administrative border or neutral space, for many scholars, the notion of territory brings to the fore social, political, cultural and institutional dimensions. It is nowadays recognised that these dimensions underpin the shape and the direction of innovation processes, thus sitting at the core of contemporary processes of economic change. In this Winter School, the links between innovation, territory and the economy will be discussed. A number of conceptual approaches, methodologies and empirical studies will be presented, as well as implications for public policy. The Winter School brings together four scholars from different disciplines, generations and schools of thought, sharing an interest in a territorially-nuanced understanding of the economy. There will be ample room for discussion and interaction, and a emphasis will be put on the relations between the link economy-innovation- territory and contemporary societal challenges.     

Expected audience:  

PhD students and researchers; master and bachelor students; professionals and decision-makers with an interest in the topic. 

Where: School of Economics and Management, University of Porto 

When: 30 January 2020, 9h.30 – 17h.00 (with a lunch break). 

Fee: 20 euros (with free access to the conference; no fee if you will present an accepted proposal at the conference) 

Local organizers: Luís Carvalho and Pilar González 

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