Call For Presentations: Workshop “Social Innovation Towards Sustainability”

The 25th APDR (Portuguese Association for Regional Development) workshop “Social Innovation Towards Sustainability: Embracing Contemporary Challenges for Regional Development” will promote the reflection and knowledge sharing on social innovation practices connected with sustainability and regional development. It intends to promote an inter-sector dialogue among researchers, activists, local, regional and national policy makers, associations, non-governmental organizations, practitioners of social innovation and social entrepreneurs.

The workshop will take place on 16th April 2020 at the Faculty of Economics, University of Algarve (Faro, Portugal). Its main objective is to discuss the state of the art of social innovation in Regional Science and the contemporary challenge for sustainability. Topics of discussion, among others, regard social innovation, micro-scale innovation, transformative innovation, sustainability transitions and community-based sustainability projects. The workshop intends to stimulate synergies between research, governance and civil society initiatives, present examples of community-based good practices, and contribute to the visibility of social innovation as a central topic for the transformation of society towards a more sustainable future.

Submission of communications is open until 31st January 2020. Communications might be based on formal research or on concrete activist, community or public policy initiatives.

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