Declaration of Principles

The analysis of economic phenomena has been suffering for long an epistemological, theoretical, methodological and disciplinary narrowing that has reduced the capacity to understand the world and to intervene in it. It lacks, in the universities, media, political power entities and in public debate in general, approaches capable of understanding economies in their specificity and complexity. It is this type of approach that Political Economy pursues.

By “Political Economy” we understand the scientific domain devoted to the analysis of economic processes and results in their institutional, historical and geographic contexts. We understand the economic phenomena as eminently configured by social, political, legal, cultural, technological and environmental factors.

As there is a lack of institutional recognition of a pluralistic approach to the study of economic phenomena concerning the problems, the disciplines involved, the theoretical references and methodologies; as the idea of ​​an ethical and social responsibility of social scientists grows; and because we believe there is a critical mass in Portugal able to contribute to the urgent scientific debate, we proposed the constitution of the Portuguese Association of Political Economy.

This Association devotes their action in the construction, consolidation and promotion of  Political Economy in Portugal. It promotes a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach in the analysis of the production of living conditions in society, aiming at promoting the social, environmental and economic sustainability.

As an association it also defends and promotes within the institutions of higher education and research the principles of pluralism and critical thinking, intrinsic to the University and fundamental to the democratic political debate.

More specifically it will:

1. Promote teaching and research in Political Economy in Portugal based on a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach;

2. Discuss with the institutions of higher education and scientific research the creation of the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary scientific field of Political Economy, particularly in what concerns teaching, research funding and evaluation purposes;

3. Create spaces for sharing and discussion of the research made in Portugal in the field of Political Economy;

4. Promote the public debate, contributing to the production of informed and plural information on economic processes and results, at regional, national and international levels, on public policies and on the social dynamics and forms of collective action that configure them;

5. Contribute to the internationalisation of Political Economy research held in Portugal.