“Whatever Happened to Political Economy?”Associazione Italiana per la Storia dell´Economia PoliticaUniversità di GenovaJune 28-30, 2018

There is considerable discussion on the current state of the economic discipline, on the relevance of its theories and models to the contemporary world, as well as on the appropriateness of economists’ toolkits. Held under scrutiny is the conception of economics as axiomatic science of rational choice, promoted by Lionel Robbins’ systematization in the early Thirties. According to its critics, the inadequacy of economics in the times of the global crisis may have to do exactly with the roads not taken after winning the competition with the alternative, and preceding approach of political economy.

What happened to political economy is therefore a nontrivial question, for today’s practitioners in economics. The 15th Annual STOREP Conference will bring together historians of economic thought, economists and other social scientists to explore the tensions between political economy and economics in historical perspective, with an eye to present times. The conference will address the main lines of evolution of political economy, from its advent in the 18thcentury to its consolidation as field of study devoted to the analysis of the relationships between individuals and society, markets and the state, to, finally, its surrender in the Thirties, with the separation between economics and moral considerations, and the progressive diffusion of the formalist approach in economics.

Proposals submission

The deadline for abstract and session proposals is March 15, 2018. Notification of accepted and rejected abstracts and sessions will be sent by March 30, 2018.

Abstract proposals (with keywords, JEL codes, and affiliation) must not exceed 400 words. Session proposals (general description of not more than 600 words) should include the abstract of the three scheduled papers.

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